Agatha Higginbotham (princezna) wrote in occult_uk,
Agatha Higginbotham

Psychic attack help

I need serious help here. It sounds crazy but I'm pretty sure that my boyfriend is being psychically attacked by a weird guy I used to date. I know this guy is really into the occult and if there's anyone who could possibly do such a thing- it's him. He has the time and he's mean enough/jealous enough. My boyfriend has all the classic signs. Sure, it could all have a logical explanation but very bizarre things have happened. For instance, my boyfriend was stabbed with a strand of braided wire from a painting the guy had painted. (long story but our friend was friends with the guy and my boyfriend was asked to help hang the painting in his living room). My boyfriend's had night terrors every night for weeks and weeks. In these visions it's always this guy doing something. My boyfriend actually even had these visions before he knew that I was even with this other guy. Other than that it's physical symptoms, listlessness, depression, loss of appetite, obsession (about the particular guy and fear surrounding him), cold sweats etc...

My boyfriend gets into these states- generally at night. Where he actually ACTS like the guy we think is doing this and saying cruel things to me that he would say. It's like he has a completely different person engulfed in fear. The weird thing is- my boyfriend has never known this guy or really hung out with him. Once in passing they were introduced and shook hands. My boyfriend has nightmares about just shaking his hand.

My question is: what the heck should I do? What can my boyfriend do to protect himself? Have you had something like this happen to you? I know the moon is waning right now- a good time for banishing. How can I banish this guy? This guy needs to STOP!!! I'm really worried.

Many thanks!
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