Matt Busch (planetmatt) wrote in occult_uk,
Matt Busch

Konxari Cards. What do you think?

So I posted here a while back, but I think I came across the wrong way. I'm not looking to sell anything, just your feedback.

What's the consensus? A card divination process that combines tarot cards with a ouija board?

Can these cards really deliver messages from those on the other side??
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I agree -- this is quite a lot like the Ouija board -- it's a game created by people who don't believe in the occult. I've read a lot of your journal, and you just don't come across as someone who practises or believes in the occult. That's fine. Not everyone can. You like horror, sci fi and goth stuff. Cool.

Please don't fuck with people's lives. Your cards are pretty. As an art project these cards are very successful. I know that as someone who doesn't believe in this stuff my words are probably having about as much impact as someone who emailed you because they were worried in all seriousness that Lord Vader and the Emperor were back and plotting evil in downtown Los Angeles. Just pretend, for a second, that at some level this stuff is real. Just for the three or four minutes it'll take you to read the next paragraph or three, it's important.

Read into historical necromancy. Outside of the fluffy garbage emitted by certain Spiritualist quacks Necromancy, and this is what we're talking about here, is approached with the same level of safety consciousness as swimming with sharks. There are multiple layers of protection and even specially consecrated weapons involved. You need to be focussed on who/what you want to talk to and prefferably have a physical link (i.e. a bit of the dead person or a piece of their clothing.) Otherwise you stand a serious chance of getting whatever is floating around out there, which is often nothing.

On the occasion they do get something they'll probably just get whatever is floating around, usually some random spirit and then interpret the messages it gives into their own lives because that's the way humans are.

Sometimes they'll get something nasty and predatory. That's a slippery slope because once you have one it starts to attract others.

Not only that but in peddling this you're taking quite a large shit on people who actually practise Paganism and Hermeticism as a religion. The crackpots and quacks on these videos are already being mocked all over the internet and the problem is that there are a lot of people who can't tell the difference between people with serious religious beliefs and the people in this video.

Please reconsider the 'contacting the dead' element of this deck. Buff up the rules a bit. Sell it as a CCG.
You think that because my journal focuses on my profession (which happens to be creating art for horror, sci-fi, etc.) that I certainly must not practice or believe in the occult?

You of all people should practice what you preach and not judge a book by it's cover. :)

I think the ratio of evil, nasty, and predatory spirits that can do harm is probably the same as the living. The chances of getting one during a Konxari reading is the same as running into one at the grocery store.

It's sounds like you're the one basing things more on Hollywood fiction, but then, how would I know for sure? I won't judge.

I agree that the video comes across as light- almost hokey at times, but the cards are serious, for those that seek the knowledge. :)
Okay, first thing -- there's nothing in your interests section to indicate you have any knowledge or interest in the occult beyond Silent Hill.

Secondly, I write academically and professionally on the occult. I was also lucky enough to study Summarian, Hittite, Islamic and Semitic Occultism at the School of Oriental and African Studies here in London, where was able to complete an extensive study of Elizabethan Occultism using the fantastic resources available through the Wellcome Institute. I have also been practising in the occult for over fifteen years.

If you want to get an overview of the reasons I don't like this idea read a book called Forbidden Rites by Richard Kieckhefer. Also pop onto the Twilight Grotto and the Internet Sacred Texts Archive and just read these Necromantic texts.

Not only that but I have a long experience of sorting out the problems of people who have gone to these spiritualist churches or dabbled with talking boards. I'm sorry, but the happy dead don't come back to chat with you. They're far too content where they are. The only ones who seem interested in conversation with the living are the ones with an agenda or the ones who want to prey on us.

Spirits aren't much better, either. Do you really think that over half of humanity's efforts in magic would come down to protective spells and amulets if all the spirits out there were happy-clappy little wood sprites who wanted to give us hugs? There are benign spirits out there but they really don't care that we exist, and we have next to nothing to offer them. They get on with their jobs. The ones who want to talk to us, and by that I mean the ones who'll come to a summons as weak as those cards, are the bastards. That's the thing that bothers me: real meduimship and magical evocation are a lot like meeting someone in a courtroom, there are rules and measures to make sure everyone stays safe. Using Konxari cards is a lot like standing outside JFK Airport with your wallet in your hand shouting 'DOES ANYONE KNOW ANY GOOD BARS?'
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